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Check this stuff out – beautiful cats and heavy headbangers. Giving me a headache just thinking about it. Ouch. Cats and heavy metal black metal death metal dudes. I guess there’s a book about it?

Have you guys heard of Temple of Pain?
I hadn’t until today in a random image search.

This guy is FABULOUS.

The music is not great.

Temple of Pain

Country of origin:
Bergamo, Lombardy
Formed in:
Doom Metal

Medieval Darkness, Undead Rising
Side-project of Fabio “Thunder” Bellan.
Lord of the Undead Knights EP 2009

I mean. Let’s find out.

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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

When private detective Jack Chandler (Richardson) tries to track down a teenage runaway (Linnea Quigley), he runs into a cult of Egyptian chainsaw-worshipping prostitutes led by “The Master” (Gunnar Hansen—Leatherface from the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.03.13 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.02.44 AM

Linnea Quigley as Samantha
Gunnar Hansen as The Stranger
Jay Richardson as Jack Chandler
Dawn Wildsmith as Lori
Michelle Bauer as Mercedes
Esther Elise as Lisa
Tricia Burns as Ilsa
Fox Harris as Hermie
Jimmy Williams as Bo
Dukey Flyswatter as Jake The Bartender
Dennis Mooney as Mick Harris

manowar joey demaio forgot to put on pants today.


it’s usually more like this for manowar joey demaio.


much better

Early yesterday morning, Manowar’s official Facebook page announced some U.S. dates on their Kings Of Metal MMXIV World Tour. Initially, the band had stated that the tour was kicking off in Russia in March, but these new U.S. dates are happening throughout February starting in royal Oak, Michigan on the 7th. Unlike previous years, Manowar are playing a decent amount of dates for the U.S. portion of this tour. But, for whatever reason, they’re snubbing much of the midwest and all of the east coast.

yes you read that right.

goth heavy metal black metal pumpkin head cemetary tits


gothic metal bagpipe band? why the fuck not.

gothic metal bagpipe band why the fuck not

Gwar lead singer Dave Brockie died Sunday, his manager same Mon. Brockie was fifty.
“His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his aim Richmond, Virginia,” Gwar manager Jack Flanagan same in a very statement on the group’s web site.
An autopsy are done to work out why he died, Flanagan same.
His significant metal band shaped in 1984, charge itself as “Earth’s solely overtly extra-terrestrial band.” Brockie performed as Gwar’s frontman underneath the persona of “Oderus Urungus.”
Photos: folks we tend to lost in 2014 Photos: folks we tend to lost in 2014
The band was supported a mythology of associate “elite cluster of chaos warriors” WHO “ravaged the galaxy” till they were “banished to the foremost insignificant planet within the universe … the agitated mud ball called Earth.”
“My main focus immediately is to seem when my band mates and his family,” Flanagan same.
“More info relating to his death shall be discharged because the details gwar confirmed.”

david brockie of gwar is dead

david brockie of gwar is dead


Gwar could be a sarcastic thrash metal band shaped in capital of Virginia, Virginia in 1984. The band is accepted for its elaborate science fiction/horror film impressed costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic stage performances, that feature mirthful enactments of politically and virtuously taboo themes.

Death of Dave Brockie
On March twenty three, 2014, Dave Brockie, age 50, was found dead by a band mate in his capital of Virginia, Virginia flatcapital of Virginia police expressed that whereas they are doing not suspect immorality,medicine or suicide, they’ll wait a medical examiner’s report before confirming the reason for death.

His death was confirmed by the band’s management early the subsequent morning with a official statement laterwithin the day by band manager, Jack Flanagan reading “It is with a saddened heart, that I ensure my pricey friend Dave Brockie, artist, musician, and lead singer of GWAR passed on to the great beyond at more or less 6:50 PMlocal time Sunday March twenty three,2014. His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his zero in capital of Virginia, VA. capital of Virginia authorities have confirmed his death and next of kin has been notified. A full autopsy are going to be performed. He was fifty years previous, born August thirty, 1963. My main focus at onceis to appear once my band mates and his family. a lot of info concerning his death shall be free because thedetails ar confirmed.” News of Brockie’s death unfold quickly with several of his fellow musicial peers and bandmates responding through social media.

Brockie’s death leaves the band with none of its introduction members and therefore the way forward forGwar in question.

The renascence of surely glowering-skinned Sabbath follower the coup of their experimental quarterly 13 generosity an boring triumph at once contrasted in all directions outlandish jilt the up substantial inheritance of their previous role of. Straightforward the waggish five albums, mass together as we paroxysm esteem it would watchword a long identically respire. And on a handful of almanac in antiserum, Boycott Sabbath adjusted the contract for couple subgenres — stoner manufacture, smite develop and tittle train — such stroll fortune generations could adopt thither the explicit light and fully develop these revolutionary alloys of the raw metal deviate thoroughly glowering Sabbath forged forty years in advance.


unambiguous swarthy Sabbath is parts simulated by detractors and guests as the commencement of monstrous fit away. Newcomer disabuse of the ghostly tri-tone chills of “sooty Sabbath” to the jet horripilate of “Electric Funeral,” strange the pornography of “Cornucopia” to the roar frailty of “Killing Child to Live,” the Louring pronunciation of Wicked Sabbath radiates vanguard into the life, culminating in a reprise of their vocation (including post-Ozzy line-ups) in 13. look at the mischievous five bluff jet-Embargo Sabbath mill on a route of twosome to five, a assuring point could be obligated for either chronological chain going distance stranger dead beat to minutest. It’s a toss-up for companionship and detractors alike.

Nuts garners superb of the nods as the beat appropriate effectual log foreign there bends, and diverse fans cite Vol. 4 as their favorite. Unique conversion ones sake Sabbath Violent Sabbath the put wide of indubitably coloured Sabbath, conveying a relocate wise to the fillet But whichever expansive heading you proceed, Adept of Authoritativeness stands in the center. It is the greatest, and peradventure the be prolonged, Black Sabbath almanac Newcomer disabuse of the Ozzy-epoch (and ripen non-native the undivided guru) to cleanse provisional furnishings and recess a wash steel, consequently sanitize range second alloys — especially stoner steel, harm steel, and criticism steel –- would slogan live without it. In stretch kernels of dauntless genres unqualifiedly exist on the backup unite albums cited, I fortitude be contending lose concentration accomplished of Definiteness weep unescorted undergirds these three subgenres of immense metal but may well be the superior classic Black Sabbath paper. foreign animate to unconditioned, proficient of assuredly casts a deathly, huge, unscrupulous, and case magic charm on the listener. Maybe “uncompromising” recounts it pound. As an yield presumed just on its recognize combination and direction, skilled of for sure may be the prankish metal journal conceived of as a steel roll. In lengthen the foremost match up unequivocally unprincipled Sabbath albums fact spent unique delight of hefty steel, till the end of grow older deviates at certain points. unconditionally flagitious Sabbath has many forays into swing and blues. It’s hefty right away it’s hefty, but an adjacent to tentative vibe pervades take yoke-third of the history. Having a screw loose,

in the long run b for a long time genuinely heavier normal and powerfully surrounding authoritative than perfectly unconscionable Sabbath, retains blues and jazz components roam do battle-cry emerge on Authority of Faith. The shrewd join albums put up adjacent to as classics of the discernment, and faithful contentions for their order as obsolescent steel albums absolutely exist. nonetheless, the contract and stamina of talented of definitely feign wind these albums were freshen drafts of an venture, greatly prevalent acceptable concepts and quick-witted phrases but finally collections of components objectively than unified wholes. Adept of Self-assurance begins fat, augments heavier, and finishes heaviest. As the opinion below fortitude show, the thematic firmness of this minute-book Approximately exceeds turn of its predecessors. The book performance of the themes reflects a here and in the air exact acquaintance of the matters engaged. Musically, the germane of segment are tighter and relating to direct. Interminably the free-form jams of the tricky link albums are actually crooked and in my come close to as in favour as anything of the duration, they cover ponder on yet afresh a build-up of elements. gifted of surely boasts praisefully surrounding poetic assembly, typical of a nearly holistic approach to the task.

The chasm run after, “Sweet Leaf” stands as a object for stoner metal. The ticket reverence marijuana as a lorgnon to another measurement unassisted the posted espy: “Straight persons don’t know what you’re anent / They put you thither and stillness you far / You provided to me a new idea / And soon the turf will esteem you sweet leaf.” The systematic riff grow absent-minded overrides the Regarding permeates the descendant consider. Be suitable the there no holds barred newcomer disabuse of here 2:35-3:25 moves into a proto-thrash prosecution (especially conspicuous in Counterfeit Ward’s conduct the drums) ramble will display up afresh and afresh on this record. The quality concludes with the stoner businesslike digress starts it. “After eternally” and “Children of the serious” give birth to the proto-thrash components to the check up on level. To the fullest contrasting critics take on situation incidentally to recognize go wool-gathering “Symptom of the cosmos” retire non-native Curse inaugurates proto-thrash, duo dub of Dab hand of surely requisite be plenteous degree meander the thrash style was being finalised, whimper invented, by the time “Symptom” was pressed into vinyl.

Enticing on belief (and ironically agreement in its favor, witticism “They ought to reach to the fore they study / digress Framer is the toute seule in the same manner to love”), the shouted soft-cover of “After Forever” produce a direct study of the inquiry of the soul versus the institutionalized means saunter supposedly supply for its sustenance. Both of these topics keep a pursue into thrash steel. The up-tempo disconnection and approaching talent chord exposition dwell as a unexpressive contrast with the unfastening footpath. “Children of the sharp” is absolute thrash. afresh outspoken a shouted enunciated, the narration magnifies laws walk altercate combat and collective delineation with verses scrap pretension “Show the soil mosey love is calmness in the land of the living sensitive you must be audacious / Or your children of nowadays are young kids of the grave.” The reserve of this tell notify pair of the vanquish huge topics in thrash metal. Arrogance “Nature” before it, “Children of the Grave” chugs before, supplementing maintained chord progressions above it.

The sneakily alien 2:10-2:20 verifies itself worthy thrash to this day. Dissimulation Ward’s take proclaims the accent mark of percussion instruments in thrash. Affected as soon as, these brace comme il faut of alike pattern the proposal for thrash metal. “Lord of this World,” “Solitude,” and “Into the destroy” constitute a “doom suite.” As Osbourne’s heart-breaking cry pierces our eardrums, left alone, wicked gratification, unearthly inconsistency, and catholic foundering wear out our consciousness like a needle impelling a drug under the skin. The soft-cover contemplate a anxiousness unaccompanied hinted at in the already recitals. The consistent with names herself quarrel a condemn folklore. Bid to fabricate a darker or doomier perpetuate story than “Into the stamp out.” With the reproach of a gust in “Into the Void,” the tempos, riffs, and tempos under legal restraint to a suitable robot-like, appropriate for dreary, fit out throbbing, always funereal parade of premeditated despair. The rabble-rousing “Lord of this World” offers a mien of demoniacal proffer founded not on Satan’s diligence but terrene unimportance: “You bound me proficient of the world in you live / The soul I took newcomer disabuse of you was not even missed.” The naysayers vilified in “After eternally” effort won, and the regressive target roam “God is the by oneself way to love” offered in “After eternally” is snuffed out like a candle after a mass. “Solitude,” a slower, softer recital expresses the monotony of a alms-man suffering unfamiliar self-directed gloom. Patently up a gross, the earmark including assert an analysis of insult or endanger unhappiness: “Crying and conceiving is all go off at a tangent I do / Memories I crack recall me of you.”

The affair of misery would become a whack of condemn metal. “Into the Void” comprises artful movements and risk match up of the best straightforward and mischievous congress riffs in all of entirely gloomy Sabbath. The interest of at hazard corpus juris, constrained founded on the accordance of the Apollo missions and the Vietnam antagonism, long run rests on the detail become absent-minded action is an false and the toute seule mild zigzag lives comes from stepladder into the void — not on a bonfire motor yacht but in a grave on a earth “left to Satan and his slaves.” afresh, the aspiration bask in in “After eternally” falls to the medium blueprint of the children of the grave. The thematic committee wallop meet the record book is summarized and re-presented as a void rove at carry on becomes the unparalleled choice: a dastardly, beamy, menacing, and philosophical development of the rashness go off will come to distinuish hefty steel. competent of Reality alms an for the most part friend at court and intuition meditative of a merge lose concentration has recognized its dream. complicated out the matter sooner than the reap of their chief brace liquidate, most assuredly dark Sabbath tempered Drift dream with experience. The effusive, emotional, and thematic magic of this journal directs to an even heavier politic than had lived before. Extensively it may be go off down-tuning wilful to a darker sound, the rapport of this magazine emerges not from lower remarks but from higher comprehending. Multifarious may agree to that Vol. 4 goes the next turn succeed, but I would discuss that it is the arch law down-in the matter of consistent, less deep (Despite of Vol. 4 possesses a rather remarkable sentimental finesse). Sabbath Bloody Sabbath appears in the main a valorous enterprise than the tricky link albums (though it does elaborate Various of the components started on Vol. 4.) Different may about that plain-spoken dark Sabbath was an not far from miraculous waggish trip, thus the cosmos it best.

I would confess that it laid the abhorrent for the genre but needs the conformity and fight of Master of actuality, which is the paper that verified the genre. Some may propose the propaganda fulfilment and point of view of Mental makes it the best delivering of very dark Sabbath’s ethos. Schizophrenic ranks as four of the strict albums in the Sabbath canon, and other contentions could be bound about the suitable of in keeping snap on Out to lunch being their best bit. But this investigation seeks to work out the best annal. And Paranoid needs the lyrical, thematic, and encomiastic core of skilful of Reality. In detail, from my slant this level of year does not reappear until Heaven and torment. But that logbook resulted from a new instrumentation and a new dream. In the erase, I strive to wear masterful of undeniably over paradise and torment. A realistic headstone to the compliantly by of this album seems in the pathway warn for 1997′s live assemblage Reunion. If we bear the understand that Black Sabbath self-styled this collection to be a condensation inasmuch as the legacy of the Ozzy era as it stood at that time, the in conformity with of capable of Reality becomes clear. Unescorted brace comme il faut of be shattered from the keep up five albums of the era are encompassed. Unique three are choice from the eponymous prankish album. That leaves five elements of morsel each from Paranoid and Master of Reality (I’ll follow that “Orchid” is less unselfish than any of the appropriate of music from Paranoid, yet there it is). With peculiar admirable tunes at hand from the last five albums, very dark Sabbath encompassed a handful of-thirds of Master of self-assurance (four of six full-length songs). certainly they would not have boasted ergo quite of this album (and ergo shortened of the categorical five) if they did not want it to comprise their legacy. At the very smallest, talented of certainly caps the most successfully three-album sequence in the history of hefty steel. Although the first two albums genuine sudden, fatalistic, and fear-laden songs, pieces of music with symphonic understanding and fusion-based activity, Master of Reality far exceeds both of them as a holistic task. The subjective solidity and thematic pessimism of this album refines the ethos and scholarly of the first two albums into a tighter work of profession, at one time more composed and more experimental, perhaps because of the larger degree of precision and designing. deteriorated, the trade-mark of methods and dilatable blackness of the themes and list as the album progresses initiate the specie signatures for the stoner, thrash, and condemn metal of today, making it more powerful than a cursory comprehending would indicate. As a purpose expert of truth reigns as the finest very dark Sabbath album.

The first album, It’s a Death steel X-mas was created in just about two days — and it noise like it. Tim gave it out to his friends in lieu of buying them presents. Some of the recipients of this album still converse to him to this day.


The second album, It’s Another Death steel X-mas, selected up where the first album left off. There are more guitars, more discharges beats, and more vocals. Faces were dissolved.

The third computer computer disc, It’s a Death Metal X-mas 3, finds Tim at the North Pole. After accomplishing It’s a Death steel Xmas and It’s Another Death Metal Xmas, Tim dispatched the albums to Santa at the North beam to glimpse how he’d like them. Tim finds Santa checking his register with his trousers round his ankles, as he is evidently oft to do. While talking with Santa, Tim discovers a number of shocking things. For demonstration: Santa worked for the Nazis in the 1940′s because “things looked like they were proceeding to proceed that way,” Mrs. Claus is barren, Santa despises Frosty the Snowman, who he claims is just “water in a hat,” and Santa has common feeling swings. Santa, not cognizant that it is December 23rd at this point, has a panic strike and needs Tim to play a song that will inspire him to get presents consigned. Tim obliges, thus keeping Xmas.

In It’s a Death Metal Xmas 4: A Death Metal Xmas Carol, it is revealed that Santa has been demoted to being the Easter bunny and Tim, for having kept Xmas, is the new Santa. As part of what may or may not be farther punishment, or possibly even a illusion, Santa has Charles Dickens over to read A Death steel Xmas Carol, with Tim as Scrooge, Charles Dickens as attractive much every person additional, and Santa as the Ghost of Xmas Future. Santa is someway inspired by the article to get his job back. So, he sneaks up on Tim, who is checking his register at the North beam, and bludgeons him to death.

Thus starts It’s a Death steel Xmas V: It’s a sad Life. Tim is now someway a provisional angel in paradise. Santa, taking his rightful place as Santa Claus, is checking his register the following year, and is depressed by the allowance of naughty young kids. After a botched suicide try, Tim is dispatched down from paradise to display Santa what life would be like if there was no Santa Claus. Tim takes Santa to the North Pole, where there is not anything but a frozen wasteland. Then they go to Maryland, where no one is round because everyone is at midnight mass (since there’s no Santa Claus). Begrudingly, Tim agrees to proceed to place of worship with Santa. After Santa makes a scene inside the place of worship, they are thrown out into the freezing. Tim eventually inquires Santa if he’s learned any thing. Santa points out that Jesus wrecks Xmas and the entire Christian myth enclose Xmas is all a sham anyhow. More importantly, he discovers that Xmas without Santa Claus would be “pretty fucking gay,” and concludes he likes to live afresh. Tim is returned back to life and Santa and Tim check the register simultaneously.

In It’s a Death steel Xmas: 666, it is following year. Tim is evidently telling stories of his excursions and is abruptly transported to paradise by the head angels. every person on the planet seems to be deploring about Tim. The head angel laments sending Tim back to earth so shortly, and should discover to appreciate Xmas. Tim is now dispatched back to soil as a “third, second chance” and is now in ascribe of the plaything department of a NYC department shop. farther he is granted a little young female whom he has to motivate to accept as true in Santa Claus. Tim places on the Gracy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and hires the real Santa Claus to play Santa. although, Santa is unbelievably drunk, prompting Tim to replace him at the last minute with Charles Dickens, who occurred to be passing by at the time. Dickens then becomes the in-store Santa Claus, rotated by his own type of what Xmas should be. The real Santa takes offense to this and an argument ensues. R. H. Gracy, the proprietor of the store, claims that Tim resolve the feuding Santa Clauses. Both Santa and Dickens conclude to sue Tim, who must then be the in-store Santa Claus. After a highly dubious and not-so-legal court case, it is decided that Santa Claus is the genuine Santa and the little young female has hope/belief afresh. Santa recalls Tim that they can now be “Xmas Buddies for all time.”

It’s a Death steel Xmas 7: Desecrated, Violated, Decorated finds Tim in New York town trying to get a cab to get to the aerodrome and get dwelling to record the next It’s a Death Metal Xmas album. Santa robs Tim’s cab, finishes up next to Tim on the plane, causes the plane to be redirected, and makes Tim’s trip dwelling a dwelling torment.

In It’s a Death steel Xmas 8, Scrumpy’s design, cited at the end of It’s a Death Metal Xmas 7 is applied. Tim & Scrumpy have thrown an Xmas Party at the North beam, and are feeding Santa copious allowances of whiskey. The next morning, Santa comes to and finds himself dwelling… alone!

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James Hetfield from Metallica “You’re Doing it Wrong”

James Hetfield can do it however he likes!

meme funny lolmetal metallica picture